Abruzzo.no brings you to Abruzzo
through the people who live it,
promote it, and chose it.

This is a place to (re)discover the region through the people who make it and experience it, through their old and new ways of living, their itineraries, and their tales. Through the eyes of the People of Abruzzo, we retrace ancient and new paths, or simply dream of different lives.

Together with Chiara and Francesca (below), who know Abruzzo from the inside and the outside, we have created this new project:

Abruzzo through its people

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Where is Abruzzo.no comig from? 


From an idea by Birger who, years ago, discovered a region that “never tires”.

In 2007 he remembers to register this domain to make the region known to his Norwegian countrymen. With two other friends, Børre and Annelise, we started working on it, but the website was never launched. In 2018, I tried to give a new life to this little dream, with great pleasure of the Norwegian team. So, here we are!

Enjoy the reading!



Venusia lived for 20 years at the same address in Abruzzo, but since 2003 she is living abroad, changing country and continent from time to time. Among the many passions, including using 4 languages even with stones, she has one for Abruzzo and its people. On Abruzzo.no takes care a little bit of everything, having started it together with her husband Birger, a Norwegian who by now even understands the dialect.

Favourite Saying: “Chi s’avante e’ chicocce” (the person who brags has an empty squash instead of the head).
Favorite dish: Christmas soup “brodo di cardone” (but choosing is difficult!)
Place of the heart: the trabocchi coast, the majella woods, and “la Lanciano addavere” (the real Lanciano).



Having left from Abruzzo in 2014, Francesca gets homesick even by hearing about bears, wolves and “confetti”. Passionate about literature, the world could fall while she is absorbed by a good book, she would not notice it. She lives now in Toulouse, France, where she teaches Italian at the university and writes about books, culture and society for the magazines Radici and La Bibliothèque italienne. On Abruzzo.no she writes, corrects, translates...

Favorite saying: “A ògne ttèrre c'è n’usanze; a ògne mmijjicule c'è na pànze” /(every place has a tradition as every belly has a navel).
Favorite dish: pizz and fojie (Cornmeal pizza crust served with boiled and refried wild chicory leaves, as well as dried peppers and fried sardines).
Place of the heart: simply casa, vineyards and olive trees as far as the eye can see, green hills and a glimpse of the sea on the horizon: Abruzzo in a nutshell.


Arrived in Rome 13 years ago, after a parenthesis in Perugia and some months in the “Perfidious Albion”, Chiara chose the Capital to work with communication, events and marketing. She often finds herself talking about her region of origin, make people try the specialties,and get yet excited by the charm of the places and the people of Abruzzo. Trabocchi coast, “Pallotte Cace e Ove”, “Bocconotti”, are just some of the topics to charm other people. On Abruzzo.no she writes, interviews, takes care of social media…

Favorite saying: “Daje e daje, la cipolle divende aje” (If you insist enough even an onion will become a garlic).
Favorite dish: pallotte cace’ e ove (Cheese and eggs balls in tomato sauce).
Place of the heart: the hills of Frentania, descending towards the Adriatic sea, without forgetting the mountain that watches out our back