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Venusia Vinciguerra

A full list of wines, food, art pieces, shops, produces and other Abruzzo creations to buy for beautiful gifts.

Francesca Vinciguerra

We take you to Monte Amaro, the highest peak of the Majella, in Abruzzo. Who is this path suitable for? How do you get to the top?

Chiara Di Fonzo

For the reopening of The Gorges of Fara San Martino, we visited this amazing place in Abruzzo. A world made of gorges, magic, pasta, ...

Venusia Vinciguerra

Pennadomo: gorges, waterfall, cliffs, villages, woods, lake. From the Costa dei Trabocci, we spend a day full of surprises in hilly Abruzzzo.

Venusia Vinciguerra

Sam Dunham tells us about her blog "Life in Abruzzo", her favourites stories, food, places and the great project ahead: an online Abruzzo marketplace.

Venusia Vinciguerra

Scanno is full of surprises. Like the Valle Scannese bio-farm managed by Gregorio Rotolo, one of the symbols of Abruzzo sheep-farming.

Venusia Vinciguerra

The Majella paths are enchanting paths for the legs and eyes, but also for the spirit. We present two of our favourites, chosen from the 700 km available.

Venusia Vinciguerra

Christmas in Abruzzo. What does it mean to you? What memories does it evoke? What smells, flavours, places? Here we offer our Christmas in Abruzzo.

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